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Retargeting your audience is quickly becoming a growing trend for online marketers. Instead of reaching out to new prospects every time you launch a new campaign, why not re-engage people… Continue Reading..
6 Tips To Retargeting Your Audience

Retargeting your audience is quickly becoming a growing trend for online marketers. Instead of reaching out to new prospects every time you launch a new campaign, why not re-engage people that have already shown interest in your brand?

Here are 6 tips to making the most out of your next re-targeting campaign.


1. Support the Sales Funnel


If you’re a brand manager located in the marketing department, chances are that the people you’re re-targeting may also be chatting with a salesperson simultaneously. In this case, your message should be consistent with other brand touch-points that the customer is encountering.

You can create lists that segment your audience according to where they are in the sales funnel. Are they new to your brand? Are they in the consideration stage? Or, perhaps they’re are the bottom of the funnel, and one more suave message can close the deal.

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2.Get Psychological

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Say you run an e-commerce store that sells shoes. If you have 500 visitors that visited “Timberland Shoes” but didn’t purchase, ask yourself: “why not?” If the shoe was too expensive, maybe you can create a banner ad for that audience saying: “Timberland Shoes: 10% Off”.

Clkim allows you to create a re-targeting list for all the people that showed interest in Timberland Shoes. By creating a unique message to appeal to that specific audience, you can maximize conversions, and start closing more deals in no time.

3. Measure Conversions

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The name of the game in online marketing is to make data-driven decisions. When you have the right analytics, you can double-down on what’s working, and stop making investments in ads that aren’t bringing you real results.

If you’re investing in the middle of the funnel (via re-targeting campaigns), then measuring ROI may become a bit challenging. Nonetheless, it’s better to at least try to measure results than to not measure at all. Be sure to input your conversion URL’s into the Clkim campaign analytics dashboards.

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4. Create Compelling Offers


The classic objection to re-targeting is: “if the visitor didn’t purchase the first time, what makes you think that reaching out to them again will make them change their mind?” To this we have a simple answer: it’s possible that they just don’t know enough about your product yet.

To push the customer to purchase, you may consider creating a promotion for an upcoming webinar. Ask yourself: ‘what’s holding this audience back from making a purchasing decision?’ Nobody knows your audience better than you do.

5.Upsell Away


Re-targeting lists can also be utilized to upsell clients that have already purchased from you in the past. In this case, why be content with selling them only the low-hanging fruit?! By creating a custom audience of users that you already know enjoy spending money with you, you can dramatically increase the returns of your next campaign.

For these types of ads, you may want to tempt buyers with special deals, or new products recently added to your inventory. Reaching out to your loyal customers can be a great way to grow your business.

6. Build Hyper-Targeted Audiences with Clkim


The key to re-targeting is building the right lists of previously engaged prospects. Clkim easily integrates with re-targeting platforms like Facebook, Adroll, and many more. This allows you to to create segmented audiences and re-target them with ads across various networks.

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The Clkim dashboard also provides you loads of other insights into your audience, including where they’re from, what operating system they’re using, and much more. Got your own tips for optimizing re-targeting campaigns? We want to hear them. Send us an email at:

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