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In an earlier article, we talked about ‘What is Re-Targeting and Why Is It Important?’ If you’re new to re-marketing, we also recommend that you check out that article to gain… Continue Reading..
How To Build Re-Targeting Lists With Clkim

In an earlier article, we talked about ‘What is Re-Targeting and Why Is It Important?‘ If you’re new to re-marketing, we also recommend that you check out that article to gain a quick introduction into the subject.

In this article, we’re going to give you the play-by-play steps for building re-targeting lists with the Clkim dashboard. With Clkim, you can optimize your re-marketing strategy by unifying your analytics into one awesome link-management platform.

The Enormous Power Of Re-Targeting


The effectiveness on re-targeting is based on the age-old premise of following up with people that are already interested in what you have to say.

Let’s get specific here. If you’re a Social Media Manager, odds are that you’re sharing articles in a variety of different channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it all. It’s also difficult to move those customers to make a purchasing decision with your brand.

By utilizing the power of re-targeting, you can double-down on the people that have already clicked on a link you have shared. Instead of launching every campaign to a brand new audience, this allows you to cultivate your audience, nurture your leads, and create real relationships via the world wide web.


Re-Marketing via Banner Ads and Facebook Ads


With re-targeting lists, you can target your audience via banner ads on up to 98% of the world wide web, or even on their Facebook News Feeds.

Clkim easily integrates with popular re-targeting ad platforms such as:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Google Display Network
  • Adroll Re-Targeting Platform
  • And just about any other ad platform which utilizes pixels

For example, if you’re a Newsletter Marketer, chances are that you’re sharing a lot of content (via links) with your audiences. By including shortened Clkim links within your emails, you can simlutaneously build re-marketing lists of people that engage with your email content. Hyper-targeted re-marketing lists allow you to then send out monthly promotions to those audiences that you already know are most interested in what you have to say.

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Re-Targeting via Clkim

So, how does it work exactly? Ad Platforms will typically provide you with a pixel for re-targeting. By embedding re-targeting pixels into shortened Clkim links, you can build re-marketing lists.

The following steps will show you how to place your re-targeting pixels into shortened Clkim links. You can add a pixel either on a DOMAIN level (to all shortened links of a given domain), or on a specific URL level (to only specific pages of a site).

Adding the Re-Targeting Pixel On A Domain Level

Follow these steps if you wish your pixel to fire when a user clicks on any link of a given domain.

Step 1: Click the “Account” tab, and then “Domains”.

Domain Level- step 1

Step 2: Click the “Edit” Button alongside the domain that you wish to add the re-targeting pixel to.

Domain Level- step 2
Step 3: Click the “Tracking” option on the top right.

Domain Level- step 3

Step 4: Add the re-targeting pixel on the bottom-half of the page, and click “Save Changes”.

Domain Level- step 4

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Adding the Re-Targeting Pixel To A Specific URL

Follow these steps if you wish your pixel to only fire when a user clicks on a specific link (and not for the whole site).

Step 1: Get started by clicking on the “URLS” tab on the top of the page.


Step 2: Click on the green “Actions” button, and then click “Edit URL”.


Step 3: Copy your re-targeting pixel in the space provided. Don’t forget to click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.



Utilizing Your Re-Targeting Lists

Excellent work! If you followed these steps correctly, your Ads Management platform (i.e. Facebook, Google, Adroll…) will begin compiling lists of every person that clicks on your pixel-imbued links. Now, it’s time to put those hyper-targeted audiences to good use.

Re-marketing can be an effective practice for Social Media Managers, Affiliates, Media Buyers, and many other professionals interested in making the most out of their online marketing efforts.

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Check out our article on “Re-Targeting: Best Practices” to learn how to maximize the potential of your re-targeting lists.

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