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Trade shows are a great way to increase your brand’s exposure. But, within all of the excitement of a trade show, it becomes difficult to optimize your strategy.

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How To Ace Your Trade Show Strategy

Trade shows are a great way to increase your brand’s exposure. But, within all of the excitement of a trade show, it becomes difficult to optimize your strategy.

At Clkim, we believe that QR codes are a great way to expose your online presence to conference attendees, and track your efforts.

If you are running an offline marketing campaign, your main goal is to have people reacting to your marketing materials by scanning the QR code or by manually typing the links you are using. You also need a reliable and easy way to monitor your results, see what’s working and what’s not.


A Better Way

I would like to offer you a better way to do your next offline QR campaigns with Clkim.

Clkim is a smart link management platform, that allows you to turn your long links into beautiful, meaningful short URLs that cause your audience to click on them. Clkim also offers a better way for you to do your next QR code campaign by creating a unique QR code for every link you use. Since this QR code is connected to a simple, yet advanced premium Analytics platform, you can discover how engaging your links are and what actions to take in order to improve your results.

One great way to use Clkim is by printing our links or QR codes on offline marketing materials, such as Flyers, Promo cards, Event tickets, Gift Cards, Business cards, Product packaging, Promotional Letters, Roll-Up banners, etc. These types of offline campaigns have always suffered from one major flaw which is getting relevant results that are important for making adjustments to the campaign, while it is still running. As a result, most offline campaigns were considered to be less successful than online ones. Now Clkim is offering you a way to run a successful, trackable offline campaign.

Using Clkim you can expect to see the following improvements in your results:

  • More QR codes been scanned/more links been typed.
  • Boost your engagement.
  • Detailed results, a better understanding of your audience and how to approach them.
  • An improvement upon your brand’s value and influence.
  • An increase in the number of users actively searching for your product/solution/App.
  • An increase in your overall ROI.

Top features:

A shorter, super-engaging link
If you need to print your link on a small card, a short one that catches the eye, is guaranteed to trigger more people to manually type it in their mobile phone/computers.

A handy QR Code that works exactly as the short link
Every smartphone user becomes your potential client and is now only one scan away from reaching your offer.

Premium Analytics & Insights
Discover how engaging your links are, see traffic breakdown by social channel, geography, top referrers and leading website. Learn about your visitors: Device, Operating System, Mobile traffic, Social clicks, Browser, Platform and Language. Everything you need to know!

Increase your brand’s’ value with Branded Domains
Using short branded URLs, you guarantee that any link you share, uses your own brand, making people remember and appreciate it.

Destination A/B testing
Make smart links that split traffic between two different LP’s. Run tests and get results.

Geographical Redirects
Do you have users in more than one country or language? Redirect your traffic by setting up Geographical Redirects.

Don’t waste another QR code, start use Clkim today!

By the way, to reward those that read blog posts to the end, I am hiding here a secret coupon code QRCODE15. It will give you 15% discount when you finish your 14-day free trial.

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