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With the holiday season around the corner, making sure that you are equipped with the smartest tools to manage your links and thus traffic is essential. We’ve put together a… Continue Reading..
6 Ways You Can Make The Links You Share More Effective

With the holiday season around the corner, making sure that you are equipped with the smartest tools to manage your links and thus traffic is essential. We’ve put together a short list of Clkim’s most popular features that will help you turn any link/piece of content you share into something memorable, effective and profitable.

1. Using Branded Links
branded URL

  1. Stop promoting generic short url services and switch to using your own branded domain. Doing so builds your own brand (improved trust and credibility) and increases your links CTR by 40% – since the content you share is clearly associated with your brand.
  2. Giving your URL a meaningful alias/URI (making it a vanity URL) provides the end users with context as to what they should expect to see at the other side of the link — thus enticing them to click on the link.
  3. Spreading your branded links builds digital real estate for you, raising overall brand awareness and keeps your brand at the user’s top of mind.

2. Segmenting Audiences with Retargeting on Click

retargeting on click

  1. Building your retargeting segments is tricky if you are promoting an app’s download page (appstore, play store) or product which is only available on websites where you can not place any pixel on (amazon, ebay, shopify, affiliate offer, etc)
  2. Retargeting on-click enables you to fire the retargeting pixel whenever someone clicks on your branded links. This enables you to build segmented audiences based on user intent and engagement with your links / content.
  3. Once you have these users segmented you can now begin to run retargeting / programmatic campaigns that are optimized to your segmented audiences and achieve higher ROI.

3. Optimizing Social Meta Tags

open graph meta edit

  1. Override the destination URL Social Meta tags with your own powerful messaging. Optimize how the links will look like when they are shared on any social media outlet (cross platform) making them more attractive and intriguing for people to click on them.
  2. Built in image editor — photoshop skills not required! Make that amazing photo that accompanies your link — add your call to actions, emoji’s and stickers to make the social image that is attached to the link stand out and grab user’s attention.
  3. Easily update facebook’s database. Quickly feed facebook with any update you make to your links so that they can scrape the latest meta data for your links.

4. Smart Redirects

ab testing

  1. A/B test destinations — split your traffic between 2 destinations — identify which landing page works better for you. Example: share a link on social media that promote a product — use 2 landing pages each for a different color variant (blue bottle vs. red bottle) and see which of the products converted better with your traffic. Once you conclude which landing page did better — keep driving traffic to that landing page and scale up your traffic!
  2. Geo redirects — promoting content that is geo sensitive? Set country specific redirects so that users arriving from geos where the offer is not available — send them to a dedicated offer that could be interesting for them. You can also use this feature to send country specific traffic to localized landing pages / checkout process.
  3. Mobile OS redirects — use a single link to promote your mobile content! Send users to dedicated landing pages / relevant app store based on the device OS they are using. Doing this has been proven to increase conversion rates as it shortens the amount of steps a user need to do before getting the relevant content for their device. Instead of having to see a screen where they need to choose which store they want to get to- help them by driving them directly to that store!

5. Monetize Your Traffic with Full Page Interstitial Ads You Control.

full page interstitial ad

  1. Being able to show a full page interstitial ad to your audience is a great way to boost your engagement and performance. Here are best practices for how it should be used in an elegant and effective way:
    Lead collection — it’s highly recommended to use the full page ad as a placement for a lead collection form. We recommend using it on links where you are driving traffic to 3rd party content as a way to get more people signed up to your email list or lead list.
  2. Social engagement — if you are looking to drive more social engagement you can use the full page interstitial placement to promote your offer on social via asking people to share / comment / like your content en-route to the content you have shared. This works well both on links where you are sending traffic to 3rd party content websites (news, blogs, forums) and for links that lead to other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Plus, etc)
  3. Cross promote / advertise your offer — this method is especially effective with marketers that run their own blog / website. Doing this allows you to full y take advantage of your full page ad inventory. It’s highly recommended to use this method to show your special offers / cross promote other offers as users are leaving your website (we have special integrations just for that). This way you can squeeze the most of their traffic and monetize their website elegantly. Many marketers using this method have stated that they have been able to double their income from ads and have no removed any other pop-unders, AdSense and other inline banner ads so that people will only be exposed to the interstitial ads and convert within them.

6. Clkim Sharebox for WordPress

clkim sharebox for wordpress

  1. Easy to share branded short links — provide your users with an easy to share short link that works for you! Let users build your branding when they share your content online or via messaging apps.
  2. Traffic analytics — understand where your traffic is coming from — discover where users are sharing your content and where traffic is coming from!
  3. Activate the special features above for the links so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your traffic yielding the highest results.
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