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In this article, I will explain how you can create an automatic Lead-Generation machine by combining the features of 3 powerful apps:

These apps and features are:

A) RSS Feeds,

B) Clkim Full-Page… Continue Reading..
How To Auto-Post To Social Media Using Zapier + Clkim

In this article, I will explain how you can create an automatic Lead-Generation machine by combining the features of 3 powerful apps:

These apps and features are:

A) RSS Feeds,

B) Clkim Full-Page ad units,

C) and Automatic-Social Media Posting

We will be using the Zapier platform to create chain-reactions whereby these apps talk to each other on auto-mode.

If you are successful, tying these 3 apps together will provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Strengthen the SEO of your Social Media Channels
  2. Re-engage your followers and contact lists
  3. Generate leads of willing prospects for your business or product


Let’s get started: What is Zapier?

Zapier is a great platform for allowing all your favorite apps to talk to each other, and carry out multi-app integrations. There are no coding skills necessary to create new growth and productivity hacks with Zapier.

To create a new ‘Zap’, you must choose an app which will create a ‘Trigger,’ and at least one app that will carry out an ‘Action’, or many actions.

In our case, every time that a new item is posted to a chosen RSS feed, Clkim will extract the link and shorten it, and then post it as a LinkedIn status update for you – all automatically.

when this that


Step by step tutorial

To carry out the above example, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register for a free Zapier account at

Step 2: Go to Your invitation to use the Clkim app on Zapier is waiting at that link!

Zapier Invitation


Step 3: After accepting the invitation, you’ll be directed to your account area on Zapier ( Here you`ll see all the `Zaps` you’ve created so far. I currently have 5 zaps (i.e. “chain reactions”) running on my Zapier account. They were set up for the LinkedIn accounts of friends that want to run auto-posting campaigns on their personal LinkedIn accounts.

5 zaps of Amp Zapier Account


Step 4: To create your own Zaps for your Social Media accounts, click the large orange button at the top of the page, called: “MAKE A ZAP!”

Step 5: Now your adventure begins. Choose the app which creates the ‘Trigger’ of the chain reaction. In our example, we choose the Buzzfeed RSS feed as the Trigger. All we need to do is insert its URL and follow the on-screen instructions.

RSS - Step 1


Step 6: For step two, we want to automatically shorten every URL Buzzfeed sends us with the Clkim link shortening tool. To do this, Zapier will ask you for your Clkim API key. You can get your Clkim API key by going to the ‘My Profile’ section of your Clkim dashboard.

RSS - Step 2


Step 7: Once you set up the first two apps in the process (RSS Feed and Clkim), then you want to tell Zapier what to do with the shortened URL. Let’s post it as a LinkedIn status update! To do this you must choose ‘LinkedIn’ as the third step of this Zapier chain.

You can have LinkedIn post it on your Company page, or as a personal Status update. Zapier will ask you for access to your LinkedIn account. Grant it.

RSS - Step 3


Step 8: Your Zapier task is all wrapped up. All that’s left now is to set your custom Full-Page ads to launch when someone clicks on any of your shortened links. Visit the Clkim Help Center for more info on custom Full-Page ads.

You can control the URL which will be shown as the websurfer is heading towards his desired content. You can also control the look and feel of the top-bar, and how many seconds until the user can click the Skip Button. Be sure to make your Full-Page ad-URL impactful. Squeeze pages can work miracles!

To do this, go to your Clkim dashboard, and then click “Account” and “Domains”. Choose the domain you’re using with the Zapier auto-shortening, and click “Edit”. Then check the “Monetized (Interstitial)” button, and press “Save”.

How To Set Monetization on Domain Level



Congratulations! Your automatic lead-generation machine is fully-functional and running. Please note that most Social Media channels only allow you to post 20 times a day. So be sure to not over-blast this hack, otherwise Zapier may automatically turn off your Zaps.

You can set auto-posting to any Social Media channel you want – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or any other app connected with the Zapier platform. Search Zapier for more creative ideas.

The possibilities are endless.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to send us an email at:

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