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The numbers are in and they are troubling. According to a recent study by Adobe, over 50% of people between the ages of 18 to 30 currently use AdBlocker Software.

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How To Fight The Ad-Block-Pocalypse

The numbers are in and they are troubling. According to a recent study by Adobe, over 50% of people between the ages of 18 to 30 currently use AdBlocker Software.

Adblockers are a nightmare to the potential revenues of Website Monetizers.

If you run a blog, niche website, or any website that has an affiliate marketing business model, then chances are that you need to learn how to sidestep this serious threat to your business.



Clkim is a monetization solution for monetizers that want to serve hyper-targeted ads to their audiences.

The platform focuses on Full-Page Ad Units which are incredibly customizable. Just like Forbes Magazine, and YouTube, we believe that the best method is to place your offers at natural transition points of the user experience.

This is what an interstitial ad looks like:

Full-Page Ad Units


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Step 1: Clkim and Affiliate Deals = a match made in heaven.

Clkim users have seen the best results when using Clkim alongside Affiliate Marketplaces. Services like ClickBank allow you to personally choose the offers you want to present your users, and receive very high commissions for products that are sold via your site, or landing pages.


Step 2: Once you choose the offers most likely to appeal to your audience, it’s time to decide which links on your site will cause the Full-Page ads to launch.

At this point, you should install the Clkim AutoShortener (for WordPress, or Non-Wordpress Sites).

The Auto-Shortener will scan through your site, and shorten the links that you want shortened. Every shortened link will then allow you to run monetization campaigns directly via the Clkim Dashboard.

With the WordPress Plugin, you can choose to shorten any or all of the following categories:

  1. Home Page.
  2. Only Posts.
  3. Category Pages.
  4. Blog Pages.
  5. Tagged Pages.
  6. The Entire Site.

You can also choose whether to shorten:

A) Only Internal Links (linking to your own site).

B) Only Outbound Links (linking from your site to an external domain).


Step 3: Sign up for the Clkim Expert Plan and start y0ur Monetization Campaigns from the Clkim Dashboard.

You can serve optimized ads tailored to your audience based on:

  1. Location
  2. Device used for browsing
  3. Specific date
    And more…

Sign up for a free-trial and see how much your monetization revenue increases with this unique solution.

Clkim Dashboard - Campaign Management

Clkim Dashboard – Campaign Management


Step 4: Set Ad-Blocker Fall-Backs

The reason our full-page ads are so successful is because you can choose the landing page, or specific URL, your audience will land on as they head towards their desired content.

But, what if Ad-Blockers try to attack and prevent the ad from loading?

Well, for that you can use Clkim’s dashboard to implement something we like to call “Ad-Blocker Fallback URL’s”. Even if the Ad-Blockers try to block your ad, we’ll re-serve your desired URL to the audience, so you don’t miss out on crucial monetization opportunities.



If you’ve read up until this point, then it’s time you asked yourself: “Are you ready to step it up?”

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